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Welcome to our online stamp shop where we buy collections and break them down into individual lots. Hopefully, you will find some items of interest, with nice scanned pictures, accurate descriptions, with moderate or wholesale pricing. As we never know what the next purchase might contain, it is always fun to search out our new postings. Our goal is satisfied collectors who will come back to us again and again!


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To view our items for sale, just click on the "View Stamps for Sale" button on the left of the Home Page. The first thing that pops up on the 2nd page will be all new lots added since our last update - this saves time for returning viewers. You can also view items under many different categories on the 2nd page. In the left column, you will see the breakdown, just click on a category and a listing with pictures will pop up. If you see there is a little book as an icon for the category, click on that to see sub-categories of that area. You can also use the "Search" feature at the top of the 2nd page left column - just type in a country name, a topic, etc. and if we have any material as noted, it will show up.

To see a larger view of a picture in the listings, just move your cursor over the picture. If the picture is too large to see it all within the page format, then click on the picture and it will open a new page showing you the full picture. When done just exit out of that page.

For any abbreviations within lot descriptions, click on the "See Abbreviations" link on the 2nd page left column.




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For more info on our posted listing and other announcements, you may want to follow us on our Facebook business page, as we often will utilize that for more detailed notices, postings, and such during the month. You can see the Facebook page at the following link - note: you must hit the "LIKED" button at the top of the page in order to receive automatic notifications...!!!


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Ordering is easy... if you find something you would like to purchase, just click on the blue "Order Form" button located just under the "Search" feature. An order form will pop up and you can fill in the required information, and the Lot numbers and prices, when done, just click the "Submit Order" at the bottom of the form and it sends your order to us by email. We then reserve the material for you, calculate shipping options and email you with the final cost. Payment options are noted under the "How to Order" tab on the Home Page.

We also recommend that you review the tabs at the top of the Home page where you will find the specifics for "Terms and Conditions" and "How to Order", along with other useful information.

You cal also view our eBay postings from the link on the left column of the Home Page.